Global website design.

Parodontax is a leading global gum health brand (it's called Corsodyl in the UK). Their aged website was in need of an update.

The opportunity arose to give it a modern refresh, make it responsive, and up-to-date with current web trends, but remain close to the existing GSK site CMS.

As a starting point we had the master Parodontax packshot design and graphics to extract design inspiration from. This would be the foundation of the digital design.

Master packshot.

Brand colours and ratio.

Brand fonts.

Clean. Simple. Spacious.

Modular responsive design.

I decided the new website would be responsive to fit the multitude of various devices around today. Therefore began designs in a very simple modular way. A handful of modules, that can be easily be stacked in any order, and can grow and respond with the CMS content. These pre-made building blocks will be used to construct any page within the website, and resize to fit any device.

See below examples of some of these modules responding to typical desktop and mobile widths.

Main navigation bar.

Hero carousel module.

Product module.

Full image module.

Article modules.

Section modules.

Global template.

After the developers worked their magic to keep it fast, light, and fully responsive, the new website template was rolled out internationally across many countries spanning Asia, Europe, and North America.

Parodontax global website design.

Grey London.

Website design & digital guideline document
Kit Suman.

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