Gold & Blue.

July 2019.

A little bit of paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

This archipelago consists of three main islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of over 400,000 inhabitants occupying an area of 316 square kilometers.

This mini paradise has a rich history with a succession of rulers, and many historical sites and landmarks. The climate is hot all year round, the air is clean, the waters are crystal clear.

The capital is Valletta and is the smallest capital city in Europe. With its grid of narrow streets boasts some of Europe’s finest works of art and baroque architecture. You can easily walk the whole city in a couple of hours.

We spent 5 days exploring this tiny wonder. Everywhere we looked, we were greeted with shades of gold & blue.

Naturally I made a video and took photos...

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Sun, sea, and scenery...

Urban life.

Echoes from history.

Doors and architecture.

Religious decor.

The camera gear I took with me to Malta.

Sony A5100 compact camera & 2 extra batteries,
Sony 16-50mm & polarising filter.
Samyang 12mm f/2 & polarising filter.
Zhiyun Crane M Compact Gimbal.

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