United Nations.

The People’s Seat.

The UN wanted to engage 16 - 24 year olds with the Climate Change Conference where Politicians were poised to make possibly the most important decision in the history of our planet.

The first seat in UN history not representing a nation, but the World’s people. It gave regular people all over the world a voice at the summit.


Social media awareness.

For the first time ordinary people could speak directly to the decision makers. Sir David Attenborough invited social media users of the world to send their messages, experiences, hopes, fears and ideas.

Below are a selection of many social media videos, created to generate awareness for the upcoming climate change conference.


Taking daily action.

It's up to everyone to do their bit to tackle climate change, not just the big businesses. We created a messenger chat bot full of tips and advice on how we can all instantly do our bit to help.

Getting people involved.

All the global data collected helped shape a landmark speech, which Sir David delivered in person to the UN.

1.3 Billion people were reached world wide.
19 Million watched on Facebook & Facebook Live.

A historic climate change agreement was signed.

The People’s Seat.
Social Campaign.

Grey London.

Social design & animation
Kit Suman.

Winner of a Cannes Gold Lion Award 2019.

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