Visual brand language for digital.

Pronamel is a global sub-brand of Sensodyne. Where Sensodyne specialises in easing tooth sensitivity from hot and cold foods, Pronamel protects your natural white tooth enamel from yellowing.

Acidic foods are a major contributor to yellowing teeth. Regular Pronamel use keeps your enamel protected, meaning stronger, whiter teeth. This is the selling point.

Aimed at young, healthy professionals with busy lives, who sometimes overlook, or are not aware of the link between yellowing and enamel. Pronamel needed a way to make strong, white, tooth care part of their daily routine.

Brand colours.

Brand fonts.

TV and Youtube.

The client wanted to establish a strong Pronamel presence, that over-time would instantly be recognised. The Pronamel 'plectrum' shape was developed and animated to become the hero graphic to generate brand recognition.

This graphic device would feature on all digital touch points.

Social presence.

The Pronamel brand language across the various social placements. Creating a strong presence across video posts, Facebook Canvas, Youtube bumpers, etc. We unified dentist science, lifestyle communications, and graphic science under one single visual language. That is distinctively Pronamel.

Digital banners.

The fun part and the perfect test for the brand language to translate into the various shapes and sizes.

Pronamel Visual brand language for digital.

Grey London.

Design, brand language, digital guidelines, and animation
Kit Suman.

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