Volvo Safety in Mind.

Feb 2023.

Volvo at The Piccadilly Lights.

It's not everyday we get to design an ad for the flagship outdoor LED screen in the country. The large 4K screen at Piccadilly Circus.

It's no ordinary screen to design for. As well as having the iconic curve, it behaves differently from the usual digital LED screens.

Volvo bought pretty much every major screen and location nationally to launch their latest Safety in Mind campaign. And The Piccadilly Lights was one of them.

So it was an opportunity to go on a visit and witness the new ads first-hand, out in public. I took my camera to Piccadilly Circus and captured the moments on this majestic screen.

It's amazing to see our digital work out in the 'wild' in this way.


Simple yet bold design.

While I was there for many hours filming. I have to say that as basic looking as these Volvo ads were, they were very effective and did stand out. They are totally noticeable and engaging. Very brave move from Volvo, because they don't show any of their cars, or even mention their cars.

In the patchwork view they were surrounded by what I'd call 'typical' ads, animatiing, all whizzy and jazzy, just what you'd expect them to do... but the Volvo ads were just simple. A splash of animating background colour, with just a single bold line. That's it!

In the Fullscreen view they really stood out. You can't help but to read and have it stir an emotion, or even plant a seed in your mind... if you're a driver.

See photos below.

The 6 videos.

Volvo Safety in Mind.

Concept Agency
Grey London // Sam Haynes & John Gibson

Design & Production Agency

National OOH motion design, Resizing & Adapts
Grey London // Kit Suman

The Piccadilly Lights
Photography & Video
Kit Suman

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