Vintage Digital Banners.

An original NFT collection.

You too can now own a piece of digital advertising history. From the bygone era of engaging and jazzy web banners, created with the once almighty Adobe Flash. The dawn of multimedia on the internet.

Many hours of art and craft had gone into creating these little animating adverts that would live out their life on a webpage for just a day, sometimes for only a few hours. The most popular sized 300 x 250 pixel banner had to be eye catching, engaging, and especially low in filesize.

Now that Flash is retired and unsupported, all those nuggets of art and hours of craft are now forever lost in time. Never to be seen again... Until now, well a small portion at least.

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Now's your chance to own a teeny tiny part of web history. I've collated some of my most memorable banner ads that I designed and built during those golden Flash years, now lovingly brought back from the dead as collectable NFTs.

May these little nuggets of art finally live on forever!

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